Paint Like a Professional with the All New Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer!

Never worry about messy paint brushes, rollers or paint trays ever again! Instead, get the same seamless results the professionals do with the ultimate in painting machines!

The Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer not only produces fantastic results, but it’s fast and easy to use!  Your walls will look like a professional painted them yet you save money and time while avoiding any mess. 

When you use the Paint Zoom to liven up the appearance of your home, all it takes is pulling the trigger. The painting takes care of itself! What could be simpler? Not only does it let you paint, but you can also varnish or stain and everyone will think you hired a professional to do it. You can let that be your secret, or you can share with your friends and family that you did it all on your own with the Paint Zoom in a matter of minutes.

No surface is out of the question when it comes to using the Paint Zoom. That’s right! The Paint Zoom paints any surface for you, both inside and outside.  It does the work for you rather than doing things the old fashioned way of dipping brushes and rollers into the paint and risking those huge paint streams running down your surface. You know how hard those can be to fix! With the Paint Zoom, you no longer have to worry about things such as that!

Use the Paint Zoom to paint flat walls, ceilings, brick, wood, stucco, concrete and any other surface that needs painting. Get professional results every time while only using half the amount of paint you normally would when painting the old fashioned way. This saves you even MORE money!

Crafted from a light and durable material, the Paint Zoom is made to last for years. The portable power pack contains a 650 watt motor of industrial strength that gives you the power you need each time you use it. All you have to do is pull the trigger. The Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer does the rest!

Your Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer offers:

  • Easy one touch action that saves you time and money
  • Cutting edge spray technology that provides exceptional coverage in just one coat
  • No more need for messy brushes, rollers and bulky paint trays
  • Extremely light weight and easily transportable
  • Commercial caliber motor of industrial strength
  • Spray head with a 3 way direct dial that lets you get to those angles and tight corners
  • No drips and simple cleanup

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