How to Fill the Tank for the Paint Zoom

by Richard

Most people would think that you simply fill the canister with paint, screw on the gun and go to work. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There is actually a bit more to using the Paint Zoom than you might think.

For example, the very first thing you are going to need to do is make sure your material is ready. This means checking the viscosity and making sure it’s right for painting with. Then, you will need to make sure it is filtered and strained correctly to ensure it flows through the system the right way.

Once you have your material set correctly and filtered, you will need to fill the paint canister to the beginning of the neck where the threads start. This needs to be done on a flat and level surface to make sure that it is filled correctly. You should fill the canister slowly to make sure that there is no material on the edge or the threads to the gun. This can cause a loss of suction in the canister and create all kinds of problems, ranging from splattering to low air pressure.

You will need to make sure that the suction tube is placed in the canister correctly. If you are going to be spraying in a more upright position, then you will need to have the tube turned towards the back of the canister. If you are spraying in a downward position, then you will need it to face the front of the canister. This will ensure that you get as much material out of the canister without having to refill it as often. Once you have the tube correctly positioned and attached securely on the gun, you will need to make sure that the gasket is seated properly to ensure an air tight seal.

Now, you can screw the gun onto the canister; tightly, but not over tight. You need to make sure that it is air tight to ensure proper spraying, but not over tight so that it ruins the gasket as that could cause air leaks the next time you refill the canister. If you do this right, you will have no issues with the Paint Zoom.

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