Wagner 0525032 Power Painter Max Review

by Richard

Wagner 0525032

Wagner 0525032

Everyone that has had the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful weekend repainting a room or two in their home knows that there are much better ways of spending your time than using a paint brush and roller. Not only does it end up taking you hours to get the painting done right, but the cleanup afterwards is even worse. Enter the Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual Tip Technology.

This Wagner Power Painter is exactly what the everyday home owner needs to make painting a breeze and cleanup even easier. Instead of spending all that money for a professional power painter and hours trying to figure out how it works, the simplicity of the Wagner 0525032 Power Painter will have you sitting back and relaxing in no time while you enjoy the new color of your favorite room.

The dual tip technology allows for a better coverage than older painters with a single tip. This means you have a less likely chance of having globs of paint shooting out where it should be a fine mist for better coverage. Add to the dual tip, a flexible suction tube and you will find that using a power painter has never been easier than this.

With these new design functions, the only way you could mess up your painting is if you didn’t have your adjustments right or you were trying to paint upside down, which no one would be doing anyway, so it’s pretty much idiot proof. If you’re looking to repaint a room in your house, your porch, or you just want to touch up some lattice in the garden, the Wagner Power Painter is here to make it easier for you.

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